Development and Operations with Continuous Integration and Delivery

Continuous integration and delivery is the new industry standard for faster implementation of projects. In a team where different members are modifying codes at the same time, integrating them regularly becomes necessary to curb the number of glitches later. DevOps allows you to handle bugs at early stages thus reducing cost of testing and re-development of the project. We organize and automate the process to maximise productivity.


We review the processes of your enterprise and determine the best way to implement agile methodologies.


We follow continuous planning, integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring which are the core concepts of DevOps.


With Galaxy, we ensure that the new system would be seamlessly integrated into your daily schedule.


We setup 24x7 Monitoring to keep a watch on potential errors and activities to receive immediate notification about the same.


The experts at GALAXY work with our clients and communicate regularly about the progress. These solutions are highly customized to suit your exact needs.


Our knowledgable team can build on existing servers or on cloud infrastructure.

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